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Commercial Water Solutions

Commercial Drinking Water Systems

Use the most effective water filtration technology around!

Reliable Water Quality Solutions With Reverse Osmosis Systems

Deliver Quality Water For Your Phoenix Property

At AquaZona, we know that members of our Phoenix community deserve reliable access to clean drinking water wherever they go. That’s why our services for drinking water purification don’t stop at the residential level. Commercial businesses can also turn to our team for reliable service!

We offer dependable Kinetico filtration systems that guarantee a quality of water you can trust! One of the most effective systems a business can use is a reverse osmosis (RO) filter.

Learn more about how these systems work and how they can help your commercial property!

Benefit Your Business With A Commercial RO System

Reverse osmosis filtration systems are considered some of the most effective options available to homes and businesses, and they’re highly praised for their thorough removal of contaminants.

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With one of these systems installed on your commercial property, you can count on the following benefits:

  • Healthier water — These filters remove contaminants that could be harmful to ingest.
  • Peace of mind — With this system in place, you won’t have to worry about your water quality.
  • Quick solutions — A commercial RO system can deliver clean water to each faucet on your property whenever you need it.
  • Better taste — Many say these filters result in more enjoyable water after removing contaminants.

The benefits of these systems are clear, making RO filters a strong contender when it comes to finding the perfect solution for your water quality. With these systems in place, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing your business is delivering high-quality water to customers.

How Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems Provide Clean Water

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have — everyone can benefit from cleaner water!

At AquaZona, we’re a proud supplier of Kinetico models, which allow us to provide our community with quality results. To fully understand how an RO system installation can contribute to healthier water from your taps, we’ve broken down the filtration process.

Water Passes Through The Pre-Filter

When water travels through your RO system, it will be checked for contaminants not once, not twice, but three times before it reaches your taps! The first stop happens at what’s known as the pre-filter.

This step removes larger particles from your water. This includes forms of sediment like sand or dirt.

Some systems have a pre-filter that also offers a headstart to removing chemicals. Traveling through the pre-filter helps reduce the amount of contaminants in your water before it reaches the semi-permeable membrane.

Water Moves Through A Semi-Permeable Membrane

The semi-permeable membrane is where the main event of the filtration takes place! After your water has passed its initial check, it moves on to this step. With a semi-permeable membrane, only fresh water can pass through.

Water will flow through with ease, but other particles — such as lead or fluoride — will not be able to fit through the membrane. This means that these harmful materials won’t get the chance to make it into the water your commercial property uses for cooking, cleaning or drinking.

Water Is Polished In The Post-Filter

Once the water has passed through the semi-permeable membrane, a majority of contaminants should be filtered out. However, the show isn’t over yet! Your filter has one last trick up its sleeve to guarantee cleaner water.

It will go through a post-filter, also known as a polishing filter. This is the last step before clean water is delivered to those on your property. With all of these steps in place, an RO system ensures that the water that reaches your taps is clean and healthy for those at your business.

We Provide High-Quality Installations In Phoenix

If you’ve decided that an RO system is the best choice for your property, you’ll need water system experts to set it up. After all, this system is integrated into your plumbing, and any errors in the setup process can lead to big problems.

At AquaZona, we promise to deliver dependable service everywhere we go! You can trust that we’ll be able to get water flowing through your new filter quickly — delivering a cleaner and healthier supply in no time!

Call AquaZona For Cleaner Water

If your water quality is suffering, an RO filter can provide safer and more enjoyable drinking water for those at your business! Take steps to ensure your employees and your customers are receiving the care they deserve, and talk to our AquaZona team about installing a reverse osmosis system for your commercial property.

We can answer any questions you have and deliver dependable service when the time comes! To get started, reach out to our team today!

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