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Common Water Problems

Dry Skin/Hair

Stop suffering from dry skin/hair with our water softening solutions!

Explore Benefits Of Water Softeners On Skin And Hair

Self-care comes in many forms. Regular exercise, engaging in hobbies and the occasional sweet treat are all practices that can enhance your general well-being. When it comes to physical health and hygiene, having soft water can aid in positive self-care practices. It can also improve the state of your hair and skin, leaving you feeling content after bathing!

AquaZona is a proud provider of residential water softeners across Phoenix and surrounding areas. We specialize in solutions that enhance your comfort and water quality. With the help of our Kinetico water softeners, you can experience the luxury of silky smooth water during showers and baths!

Hard Water vs. Soft Water: The Impact On Your Body

Hard water contains high levels of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. While there are no direct health risks from these impurities, they can affect your body in numerous ways. Your hair and skin may lack natural moisture and appear more lackluster.

Investing in a soft water system can combat these issues without hassle. You’ll experience the benefits of softer hair and skin, less epidermal irritation and more. Additionally, you can embrace the additional advantages of better water quality.

Why Is My Skin And Hair So Dry?

After washing your hands with soap and water, you should feel refreshed and clean. However, hard water can make achieving this goal a challenge.

Water high in calcium and magnesium can leave an unpleasant filmy residue on your skin. These minerals make it difficult for soap to lather and prevent moisture from effectively reaching your body. It can also strip away the natural oils in your body, leaving an uncomfortable and dry feeling.

Will A Water Softener Help With Dry Skin?

Since hard water strips away the natural moisture of your skin, it can leave it feeling dry and irritated. It’s capable of changing its pH balance, which may lead to inflammation. This possibility is especially common for those with epidermal conditions.

Luckily, AquaZona offers a helpful solution to these concerns! A water softening system can prevent skin irritation, restoring moisture penetration and enhancing the efficiency of your soaps. This technology stops the film from forming on your body after bathing, reducing clogged pores and epidermal irritation.

Our dependable Kinetico systems contribute to a moisturized, refreshing feeling after using your water supply!

How Hard Water Affects Your Hair

Haircare is an equally important aspect of personal upkeep and hygiene. The quality of your water can impact your luscious locks, especially if it contains hard minerals. Hard water can lead to secondary issues that may affect your hair. A few potential effects of prolonged hard water use include:

  • Breakage
  • Frizziness
  • Lackluster appearance
  • Tangles
  • Dry scalp

These issues can make it challenging to maintain the appearance of the quality of your hair. Scalp dryness can also lead to dandruff, which requires alternative measures to remove.

What Does Soft Water Do To Your Hair?

Many people often wonder, “Is a water softener good for hair?” The short answer is yes! A softening system rids your water of minerals that cause dullness and reduce the natural sheen of your hair.

Soft water is naturally moisturizing, preventing frizziness and dryness on your scalp. In some cases, soft water may reduce the natural volume of your locks, but this issue is easily solvable with volumizing shampoos. It’s far less damaging than hard water, making a soft water system a beneficial investment!

Choose A Kinetico Water Softener For Hair And Skin

When the time comes for a water softener installation, look no further than AquaZona for assistance! Our line of Kinetico water softeners is highly effective. With our non-electric and dual-tank technology, you can expect energy savings followed by a consistent supply of softened water. Contact us today to enhance the quality of your skin and hair with soft water!

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