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Common Water Problems

Bad Water Taste Or Smell

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Preventing Poor Water Conditions In Phoenix, AZ

Solutions For Bad Water Taste And Smell In Phoenix, AZ

Hydration is critical for human survival. Without a reliable source of H2O, our bodies wouldn’t have a form of internal temperature regulation or the essential nutrients that allow them to function. When impurities enter your drinking supply, it can impact the quality of your water. They can also negatively affect its taste and smell, making it unpleasant to consume.

Even though water is a necessity, AquaZona believes in taking measures to enhance your hydration experience! Our team offers efficient Kinetico drinking water systems to improve water quality throughout Phoenix and surrounding areas. We have solutions for poor water flavor and aromas, boosting the condition of your drinking supply.

Water Odors And Tastes To Be Aware Of

When something tastes or smells off-putting about your water, it can be challenging to determine the cause of the issue. Your water can produce a variety of scents and flavors. Understanding the potential causes of this concern can help you determine when to contact an expert for assistance.

woman plugging her nose smelling bad odor on water in glass cup

Mildew Or Must

Mold, mildew and other bacteria accumulate in damp environments. Water causes anything it comes into contact with to remain wet, which can leave many individuals feeling puzzled when they notice this aroma in their drinking supply.

This earthy smell can occur when decayed vegetation or dissolved solids release compounds in your water. In most cases, this problem is naturally occurring and not a cause for concern. However, it can make hydrating an unpleasant experience.

Rotten Eggs

Any rotten-like odor or flavor is not something anyone wants in their water supply. Hydrogen sulfide and sulfates can enter drinking water through groundwater supplies or certain bacteria. This leaves your water seeming unpalatable and displeasing to consume.

Metallic Flavors

A metallic water flavor or smell is relatively simple to identify. The cause of this issue can unsurprisingly stem from metals in your supply, such as iron, lead, copper or zinc. These compounds can enter your drinking water through corroding pipes and brass fittings or an outdated water system.

Certain types of filtration systems can reduce the level of these metals in your water. Efficient removal ensures that you enjoy the quality of your water, from smell to consumption.


Water comes from a variety of sources, such as lakes, wells and reservoirs. However, these natural spaces may contain germs and parasites that compromise water quality. To combat this issue, disinfectants like chlorine are commonly used to kill harmful bacteria in the supply.

While the use of chlorine on its own is not considered a water pollutant, high levels of this chemical can cause issues if the amount isn’t regulated. Water with chlorine levels up to 4 milligrams per liter is considered safe to consume.

Individuals with sensitivities to this component may require an efficient way to remove or reduce it from their current supply. This chemical can also affect the taste and smell of your water, making both slightly unpleasant. Kinetico dechlorinators can combat this issue, leaving you with water that is safe and desirable to drink.

Solutions For Unpleasant Water Odors And Taste

AquaZona is here to help you combat poor water quality in your Arizona home! With the help of our Kinetico drinking water systems, you can find solutions to poor-tasting and smelling water. We’re here to enhance how you consume your H2O, making it a refreshing daily experience for your comfort and well-being.

Whole-Home Filtration Systems

Our team offers a variety of filtration systems for your home. The quality Kinetico technology our company offers is efficient at removing a number of impurities from your drinking water. The reduction of various contaminants can improve water flavor and smell.

Our whole house filtration systems are some of the most effective solutions on the market. These devices can reduce the tiniest contaminants, leaving your water pure and refreshing. From chlorine to calcium, you can trust our top-notch filters to assist you with unappealing water quality issues.

Water Softener Technology

Calcium and magnesium are two minerals that increase water hardness across Arizona. These impurities don’t have any negative effects on health, but they can cause your water to be unappealing for daily consumption.

AquaZona proudly provides Kinetico soft water systems for your convenience. Using an ion exchange process, this technology trades calcium and magnesium for sodium. This operation softens the water, making it more pure and refreshing for household or commercial use.

Drinking Water Systems Phoenix, AZ, Can Count On

When water woes are plaguing your Arizona home, turn to AquaZona for assistance! Our filtration specialists are prepared to provide you with solutions that elevate your water quality. We believe your drinking supply should always remain appealing for your use.

We’ve proudly served Phoenix and surrounding areas since 1987. Our many years of experience make us a trusted provider of filtration and softening solutions in the state. Contact us today to speak with our experts and maximize your water!

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