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Saltless Water Dechlorinators And Descaling Devices

We’re proud to offer products for our Phoenix customers that don’t rely on salt to deliver clean, clear water. With a dechlorinator or descaling device, you can rest easy knowing you’re receiving top-quality water without additional salt.

Like other major cities, Phoenix uses chlorine to clean and disinfect its water supply. Once this treated water enters homes, many homeowners want to remove the chlorine before consuming it, preventing potential issues within their households and promoting better health.

Phoenix area residents count on AquaZona to treat their water and make it better for everyday use.

soapy hands washing under a stream of water coming from a bathroom faucet

How Do Scale & Chlorine Affect My Home?

Chlorine is a common disinfectant used in municipal water treatment facilities. Its lingering effects in your home could show up as dry and irritated hair, lackluster clothing and strange odors or tastes.

Scale can leave behind a water stains on your fixtures and appliances, as well as effect your skin, hair and laundry.

If you notice your skin and hair drying out or the telltale water stains around your faucets, it’s time to speak with a professional water specialist. Our team will be able to determine if your home is suffering from the effects of chlorine or scale.

What’s Your Water Score?

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99.99% fresh, clean and soft water for your Phoenix home is as close to perfect as it gets. Find out how to reclaim your peace of mind today!
What’s Your Water Score

What Makes A Kinetico Dechlorinator Or Descaler Different?

AquaZona is proud to be a certified Kinetico dealer. Kinetico’s salt-free dechlorinator and descalers are different from other systems on the market, as they offer various intrinsic features and specs that set them apart. These include:

  • Customization — Your water filtration system will depend on your property’s unique water conditions. You can customize your components to match those needs and create the ideal system to meet your specifications.
  • Versatility — Our dechlorinators and descalers can be installed alone or paired with other Kinetico products.
  • Non-electric operation — There are no timers or computers to set or adjust. Our systems give you reliable non-electric operation that saves you time and still works when the power goes out. No power outlet or drain line is needed.
  • Corrosion-resistant valves and tanks — Our components are designed to resist calcium, magnesium and other corrosive minerals and minimize replacement costs. Our systems are designed to be high-performance conditioners. They are built for durability and reliability.
  • Automatic operation — Kinetico systems operate independently and require very little maintenance. No regeneration downtime and no daily limit to treated water.
  • Improved water usage — Unlike a water softener, there is no backwash cycle. This means no water is lost, so you conserve water as you improve water quality.

With so many features, it’s easy to see why more Phoenix homeowners choose Kinetico systems for their homes!

Dechlorinator vs. Descaler

Whether you’re aiming to enhance the taste and quality of your water by removing chlorine or combatting mineral deposits and scale buildup, this section provides insights into our Kinetico solutions. Discover the key distinctions between dechlorination and descaling to make an informed decision for a water system that aligns perfectly with your needs.

Kinetico Dechlorinator

Kinetico dechlorinators operate by utilizing activated carbon filtration, a highly effective method for removing chlorine, unpleasant odors and tastes from water. The activated carbon in these systems acts as a porous absorbent, attracting and trapping chlorine molecules and other impurities as water flows through.

This process ensures that water delivered throughout your house is free from chlorine, contributing to improved taste and odor.

Kinetico Scale Reduction System (SRS)

In a different way, descalers work by treating the water as it flows through the plumbing system, helping to prevent the buildup of limescale and other mineral deposits. They may use various methods, including electromagnetic waves, magnetic fields or catalytic reactions, to alter the properties of the minerals in the water, making them less likely to adhere to surfaces and form scale.

This process occurs within the plumbing system and doesn’t involve adding chemicals or altering the water composition that comes out of your faucets.

Which Kinetico System Is Right For My Home?

Choosing between a Kinetico descaler and a Kinetico dechlorinator depends on your specific water concerns. If you’re dealing with issues related to mineral deposits, scale buildup and hard water, a Kinetico descaler would be more suitable.

On the other hand, if your primary concern is chlorine removal for improved taste and odor, a Kinetico dechlorinator may be the better option.

Schedule a water analysis to identify your specific needs and consult with a Kinetico professional on our team for personalized recommendations. Here at AquaZona, we work hard for you!

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