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Graphic close-up of the periodic table highlighting the elements Titanium (Ti, 82), Lead (Pb, 83), and Bismuth (Bi, 83) with each element's atomic number and symbol in bold white text on a blue background.
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Heavy Metals

Clear heavy metals out of your drinking water!
Phoenix Heavy Metal Filtration

Water Filtration Systems For Drinking Water In Phoenix

Heavy metals are naturally occurring and can be found in most groundwater sources. Heavy metals pose a significant threat when they infiltrate drinking water supplies. From lead to arsenic, these substances can lead to severe health issues if not properly filtered out.

AquaZona offers dependable solutions to ensure your hydration needs are met! Our Phoenix drinking water systems have assisted Arizona residents since 1987, making us a top choice for your home. Reducing the level of heavy metals in your drinking supply will aid your health and physical well-being.

Graphic close-up of the periodic table highlighting the elements Titanium (Ti, 82), Lead (Pb, 83), and Bismuth (Bi, 83) with each element's atomic number and symbol in bold white text on a blue background

Common Heavy Metals In Drinking Water

When unsafe levels of heavy metals are in your drinking water, you can experience illness and other health issues.

The Environmental Protection Agency has implemented drinking water standards according to the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) to strengthen public health protection.

Understanding the common impurities that can be found in your water supply can help you make informed precautionary decisions for your home.

AquaZona is here to share about these contaminants and why an effective filtration system can help you.


Corroding plumbing materials are one of the leading causes of lead in drinking water. Older homes are more susceptible to this impurity, as many built before 1985 were built with lead pipes. This compound isn’t visible and also has no taste or smell, making testing crucial.

Homes that acquire drinking water from private wells should also consider having their supply tested.


Arsenic, a naturally occurring element in the Earth’s crust, can find its way into drinking water sources through geological processes. Groundwater, particularly in regions with high levels of arsenic in the soil, is susceptible to contamination. This is why robust filtration measures are needed to ensure safe drinking water for communities.


Industrial activities such as mining, manufacturing and coal combustion release mercury into the environment, where it can accumulate in water bodies. Inorganic mercury transforms into methylmercury, a highly toxic form that bioaccumulates in fish and other aquatic organisms, posing risks to human health when consumed through contaminated water sources.


Cadmium, commonly found in industrial discharge and fertilizers, can infiltrate groundwater and contaminate water supplies, posing serious health risks to those exposed. Its toxicity can lead to adverse health effects, including kidney damage, bone disorders and even certain types of cancer, highlighting the importance of effective filtration systems.


Chromium contamination in water sources often results from industrial processes and improper waste disposal practices. Hexavalent chromium, a particularly toxic form, can leach into groundwater, posing serious health risks even at low concentrations. Effective filtration is crucial to remove chromium contaminants and ensure safe drinking water for communities exposed to industrial pollutants.

How Can I Filter Heavy Metals From My Water Supply?

AquaZona offers efficient drinking water systems for homes in Phoenix, AZ, and surrounding areas. Our Kinetico water filters are highly efficient, removing many contaminants from your supply.

With this efficient technology, you can find peace of mind knowing your daily hydration is pure and safe. Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station has been third party certified to take out more contaminants than any other system on the market. AquaZona is prepared to help you explore your filtration options, preventing the hassles that heavy metals in your supply can cause.

Trust AquaZona For Hydration Solutions In Phoenix, AZ

Here at AquaZona, we prioritize the safety of homeowners across Phoenix and surrounding areas. With our skills and expertise, you can rest assured that your water quality will exceed your expectations.

If you have questions about the condition of your drinking supply, our team offers a free water test for your convenience. We’ll assess the state of your H2O and help you determine a solution to enhance its quality.

Contact our water experts today to ditch heavy metals and get the most out of your daily hydration experience!

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