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The natural water in Arizona tends to be much harder than in other areas in the country. But how do you know if your home is suffering from the effects of high mineral content? AquaZona offers our handy water quality scorer to give you some insight into your water quality. Match the symptoms listed below to your daily experience with water — the lower your score, the more likely it is that you need a hard water solution!

colorful scale from 10-40 showing hard water severity

Extremely — Very Hard Water

  • Your faucets and appliances seem coated in a stubborn, chalky residue.
  • After showering or washing up, your skin feels tight and uncomfortable, and your hair lacks its usual softness.
  • Cleaning your shower feels like a never-ending battle against a filmy, greasy buildup.
  • You’re experiencing frequent clogs and reduced water pressure throughout your home.
  • Your clothes emerge from the wash feeling scratchy and lackluster, as if they haven’t been fully cleaned.
  • No matter how carefully you wash and dry them, your dishes and glasses always have a streaky, spotted appearance.
colorful scale showing 50-80 of medium water hardness severity

Moderately Hard Water

  • Getting a good lather feels impossible; you find yourself using way more soap than before.
  • Strange, chalky rings have started to appear in your bathtub and around a faucet.
  • Your sink drains slowly and seems to get clogged more easily these days.
  • Your skin gets dry more often, requiring you to moisturize more frequently.
  • Some of your clothes lose their softness in the wash, feeling scratchy after drying.
scale showing 90-100 for soft water

Soft Water

  • Your glassware dries sparkling and streak-free, without any annoying water spots.
  • Your appliances work efficiently, and your faucets and showerheads stay gleaming and free of mineral deposits.
  • After a shower or washing your hands, your skin feels silky smooth and your hair has a healthy bounce.
  • You enjoy excellent water flow throughout your home without worrying about clogged pipes or reduced pressure.
red and orange water hardness map of Arizona with a black star over Phoenix

Hard Water In Phoenix, AZ

Here in Phoenix, the average water hardness measures at over 13 gpg (Grains per Gallon). To put this in perspective, about 7 gpg is considered hard water in the United States!

Your Phoenix home is almost certainly feeling the effects of a high concentration of minerals in your water. Luckily, AquaZona can help you determine the best course of action to soothe these hard water frustrations. There’s no need to live with dry skin, scale build-up and cloudy dishes.

Let’s get your home feeling softer and your daily life flowing smoother with a water-softening system that fits your needs. If you have more questions about the quality of your water, give us a call today and let us assist you!

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