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Water Softeners

Hard pass on hard water — find a soft solution!

Reliable Soft Water For Your Phoenix Home

Banish Hard Water With AquaZona

For better water that fits every home and budget, look to AquaZona, your trusted Kinetico water dealer. We offer a range of products and approaches proven to deliver a continuous supply of clean, softened water for your home. Our services include no-salt whole-house solutions, conditioners, filtration and water softeners.

Keep your Phoenix home hydrated and happy with top-quality products and services from our team! Read on to learn more about how our softener systems can make a difference in your space.

Top-Quality Equipment

Our water softeners eliminate hard minerals from your water supply, delivering fresh, better-tasting soft water. Our line of water softeners ensures that no matter your property’s needs, we will help you find the best option for your home and family. Below is a glimpse of our line of top-quality products to choose from.

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Kinetico Premier XP™

Harnessing the energy of flowing water, our systems eliminate odors and chlorine, all while functioning without electricity. The innovative multi-tank system ensures a steady, uninterrupted flow of softened water, free from the need for repairs, replacements or adjustments to computers or timers throughout the system’s lifespan.

Kinetico Signature Series®

This dual-tank water softener offers homeowners an unlimited supply of dependable water. Working off water pressure, our Signature Series systems still work if the power goes out. While it doesn’t eliminate chlorine, this equipment utilizes a sediment filter to effectively remove larger particulates from your water supply. This protection extends to downstream appliances like your water heater, dishwasher and washing machine.

Kinetico Essential Series®

Experience the convenience of non-electric performance with a single-tank water softener. The Essential Series efficiently manages basic water conditions without relying on timers, clocks or computers. Its compact and stylish design makes it an ideal solution for situations where a more robust system isn’t required, ensuring reliability without compromising on effectiveness.

Free Water Analysis

Fill out our simple online form to request your free water analysis today. Uncover what’s impacting your home’s water quality and discover the Kinetico solution that’s right for you!

Your Phoenix Water Softener Provider

Discover the advantages of a Kinetico water softener, where protection extends to your plumbing, appliances and fixtures against the effects of hard water. Experience a reduction in mineral deposits, preventing etching and spotting on glasses and dishes, as well as minimizing soap scum.

Soft water enhances your shower experience, leaving your skin and hair feeling irresistibly soft and smooth. Engineered to align seamlessly with your household’s water demands, our patented systems operate continuously, eliminating the need for timers or computers adjustments or replacements.

AquaZona Goes Above And Beyond

Unlock additional benefits with AquaZona’s Referral Program for Kinetico customers. When you refer friends, family or neighbors in Maricopa, Pima or Pinal counties to Kinetico, you’re not just offering them clean, healthy water — you’re also earning credits for yourself.

If your referral purchases a Kinetico system, enjoy credit on your account as a token of our appreciation. It’s our way of saying thank you for spreading the word about the transformative power of Kinetico water solutions.

Innovative & Quality Water Treatment Products From Kinetico

From single-tank models perfect for small households to robust dual-tanked water softeners, we have the right product for your Phoenix home. Get in touch with your authorized Kinetico dealer to guarantee you receive the perfect water softener for your home. Reach out to AquaZona to get started today!

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