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Common Water Problems

Destroyed Appliances

Ensure your appliances run smoothly without the damaging effects of hard water!

Combat Phoenix Hard Water Damage With AquaZona

Your water-using appliances are a crucial part of your home. Without this technology, your daily activities would lack the comfort and convenience of easy water access. Hard water can affect the efficiency of these systems. This impact is especially clear if they experience prolonged exposure to hard minerals.

AquaZona understands the importance of maintaining effective appliances in your home. With our water softener installation services, you can experience the benefits of soft water in your space! Your appliances will thank you, operating smoothly for years to come.

Can Water Hardness Affect Cleaning?

Have you ever noticed a white residue on dishes after they’ve been cleaned? The harder your water is, the less effective cleaning supplies become. When this issue occurs, detergents, soaps and other cleaning agents may not clean dishes, clothes and hard surfaces as easily.

Hard minerals — such as calcium and magnesium — can also impact the performance of the water-using fixtures meant for cleaning. Being aware of possible damage can help you track your appliances and take quick action.

Decreased Washing Machine Lifespan

Your washing machine is critical for cleanliness and hygiene. However, the hardness of your water can impact its performance and the well-being of your laundry.

On average, washing machines last around 10 to 14 years with the proper upkeep. Hard minerals can build up in the pump mechanisms, decreasing its service life. Investing in a soft water system can prevent scale buildup and help the system last longer.

Dishwasher Hard Water Damage

Your dishwasher is also at risk of forming scale buildup. After running the system, you may notice a white residue on your silverware and dishes. While this limescale can be removed using vinegar, the long-term buildup causes lasting damage to the appliance itself. Hard water can corrode the system, leading to inefficiencies and a shorter lifespan.

To remove calcium buildup in dishwashers, place a cup of vinegar in the top rack and run a cycle without detergent. After completion, you can sprinkle two tablespoons of baking soda on the bottom of the unit and start a cycle again. This process can also help remove residue on the dishwasher heating element.

AquaZona offers a range of Kinetico water softener systems as a long-term solution to limescale buildup. Our efficient technology is known for providing a consistent supply of soft water, protecting water-using appliances from impairment.

Does Hard Water Damage Pipes?

Water hardness contributes to appliance damage in many ways. However, it can also damage your fixtures through your plumbing pipes. The scale buildup can significantly reduce their operational capabilities.

This issue will become apparent over time. Ultimately, it can lead to costly repairs and potential early pipe replacements.

What Are The Effects Of Hard Water In Pipes?

Since you can’t directly see what’s inside your pipes, it can be challenging to tell when calcium and magnesium accumulate within them. Luckily, your plumbing will show a few warning signs of water hardness issues. A few indicators that you may need a softening system to combat this issue are:

  • Reduced water pressure
  • Corroded piping
  • Broken pipes and leaks
  • Clogged drains
  • Restricted water flow

These issues may seem like minor inconveniences, but they can signal a larger problem. The experts at AquaZona offer free water tests to assess your water quality. Depending on the results, we’ll deliver a long-term solution to enhance your drinking supply.

Why Choose AquaZona’s Kinetico Water Softeners?

When you trust AquaZona for your soft water needs, you can expect long-lasting results that protect water-using appliances! With over 40 years of experience serving Phoenix homeowners, our experts are trusted providers of softening services in the area.

Our Kinetico Signature Series® softeners remove large sediment particles from water. This operation is helpful for medium to large homes, protecting your fixtures with a consistent soft water supply. Our Kinetico Premier XP™ can also eliminate odors and chlorine. This capability helps clothes and laundry achieve a squeaky-clean finish.

Water Softeners Phoenix Homeowners Can Trust

Don’t lower your water standards and suffer through unnecessary appliance damage. Turn to AquaZona for water-softening services that maximize fixture efficiency! Our systems are designed to prevent hard water from clogging pipes and lower appliance lifespans. Contact us today to explore our home water softener options!

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